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What is the Best Day and Time to Play at Casinos

Casino gamblers have superstitions. They believe that luck is brought by certain habits. Maybe some tables help them win more. Lucky numbers and forms of bets exist. They assume that if they roll the dice in a certain way, the results would be better. We may be able to broaden the list, but you get what we mean: There are many things that gamblers assume that have no empirical basis.

Almost every gambler believes that it is better to play at a casino on a given day of the week; and even at a specific time! So, are these superstitions coming from somewhere? You may be shocked, but yes. Going to the casinos on those days and hours will make it more beneficial for you. This profit, however, is probably not what you expect. Below, we describe this in depth and find out if choosing a particular day to gamble would really change something.

Where Does This Casino Superstition Come From?

This belief is based on the premise that, on some days and periods, casinos adjust the payout rate of games. For example, gamblers assume that after 6pm on Fridays, slot machines pay more often because the casino begins to fill up at this time, so slot machines start paying a little more often to boost players spending money. Between 10am and 6pm, the number of players is very limited, so the games pay less.

Best Time to Play at a Casino

People start leaving the casino progressively after 10 pm, so the games are also starting to give less money. Although this is the common belief, there are also several other opinions, such as:

  • Some gamblers think any day of the week is good, but between 3pm and 7pm, it’s easier to play.
  • The weekend is when casinos are the most busy, and games on Saturdays and Sundays cost more.
  • Some claim that games pay more before the evening hours on Mondays, as the casino is almost empty on the first day of the week, and games start paying more to encourage a limited number of players.

Specific Days and Times are Beneficial for Gambling

Finally, we can come to the conclusion that there are two cases in which it is clear that is better to go to a casino:

  1. If what you appreciate is a peaceful and quiet casino, then between 10am and 5pm on weekdays is your time. Casinos are empty and you can find seats at all games and tables comfortably. After 5pm on weekdays and on weekends, casinos are very busy, so if you want to play in a peaceful and calm setting, choose the morning hours. This is particularly true for slot players: It is almost impossible to find an empty slot machine in casinos during the rush hours.
  2. In order not to draw attention, professional gamblers using strategies that casinos do not welcome, should play after 5pm on weekdays and on weekends. It is not illegal to count cards while playing blackjack or baccarat, but no casino will allow this to happen. Thus, they avoid serving players who are accused of counting cards and send them out of the casino. It can be expected, a gambler who counts cards can get a lot of attention if there are only a few players in the casino, since he can win more than average. But it doesn’t get too much attention if the casino is crowded, and it can play for a longer period of time. Therefore, if you are going to use a device or strategy, the time period when the casinos are most crowded should be selected.
Casino Guides

Casino Guides

We are aware that navigating through the online casino world is not easy. For this reason, we have come up with a few casino guides to help you. History of Canada is here to answer all the question, and more! Every online casino and resort featured on our website is completely legal and regulated – so you can be sure that you are playing safely and securely, at all time.

Which one is the best casino to put my money on? Is there any free online casino games I can try? How do I play poker? All these questions and many more answered on our guides! Whether you are a beginner or an amateur, there is always room to learn something new about this big world of ours. We are committed to give you an outstanding gambling experience!

With our guides, we are determined to proof you that online casino gambling is not difficult nor dangerous. Hence, we will try to be as clear as possible as well as insightful, helpful with a most up-to-date articles. Hundreds of online casinos are set up yearly and before we can add any to our new online casinos page, we’ll need to filter between the good and the bad. This helps us maintain consistency in showing a true and fair view of the new online casinos in Canada.

The casino guides are structured in a manner that you can follow them without getting lost or overwhelmed with so much information. So, without further due, we recommend that you jump straight on it and start enjoying the amusement of online casinos in Canada.

Casino Tips

Casino Tips

We understand that it can be though and frustrating to keep on playing and not getting back as much as you thought you would. But there is more to it. That is why we have made a compilation of a few casino tips for the player to take into account every time he or she enters into a new (or not so new) online casino.

From jackpot slots to free no deposit casinos, we have you all covered to make you experience even better. As it is important to do some research before picking a casino, we have done that for you and put it all together to save you some time. We will also provide you with some valuable slots tips about the best progressive slots to play and how to choose a jackpot game. In other words, if you are willing to discover how to choose any casino game and how to find the best slot machines to play online, you are definitely in the right place.

Our casino tips can be followed by both, new casino players (beginners) or those who have been around for a while (amateurs). The thing is, who wouldn’t like a cheeky tip to make you win a little bit more of money? Exactly! And that is what we offer you – a better chance to win bigger on the casino games you usually bet your money on.

Our casino guide is going to change the way you play at online casinos and resort casinos. And chances are that, if you’ve landed on our site, this is what you need; because winning at slots requires time and the right mindset, among others.

St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino Logo

St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino

St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino is completely different than any other resort casino in canada you may have visited. The word which describes St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino the best is posh. This is a high-end establishment, which is developed for those who always want more and who always want luxury. The place is very popular through the winter, thanks to the fact it is located next to the Rocky Mountains.

In terms of gambling, you get enough but not more. There are only 240 slot machines and table games. You can play blackjack, roulette and so much more. Yes, all popular and traditional table games are supported. If you prefer online vegas slots check our post.

A separate advantage is a lottery. The casino has one of the best lottery experiences in the country and it is commonly chosen by people who want this form of gambling. Prizes are impressive and you ewill likely win one.

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino poker

The casino offers decent poker experience. You will be able to play some of the most popular and the best-known poker variations. Poker is available the entire week but within specific hours. It all starts at 10 am and lasts till 12 am, except on the weekends when you can play until 2 am. This is also one of the main differences between St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino and other establishments of the same kind.

Poker may be reasonably popular in the casino and it will probably meet the requirements of most people. After all, this is a high-end resort which is focused on comfort and pleasant memories.

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino shows

At St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino you won’t find shows and entertainments you will find at all other places. But, you will find something special. It all starts with a vine festival which is held at the resort every year. If that isn’t enough, you can join writer’s workshop and enjoy writing in one of the best resorts in the world.

There is also a massive accent on the wedding planning and wedding-related experiences which are common for the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino and held each year. For those who want something extraordinary, there is a speaking earth offer, where you will learn about land, tradition, and language in nature.

Some, standard offers related to entertainment are available as well. For instance, you can play golf or enjoy the RV section. There are a lot of summer and winter activities available at the resort as well.

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino hotel

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino hotel

A hotel in the St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino is stunning at the lack of a better word. This place is extremely elegant, comfortable and offers a unique combination of vintage elegance and modern accommodation. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and so much more. We can add that St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino is among the highest-rated in Canada and most people come here specifically for wonderful holidays. While a guest at the hotel, you can enjoy spa, gym, and delicious restaurants.

St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino

Address: 7777 Mission Road,  Cranbrook, BC  V1C 7E5, Canada

Hours : 24 Hours

Telephone: 250.420.2000


Website :

River Rock Casino Resort Logo

River Rock Casino Resort

The River Rock Casino Resort is close to Vancouver National Airport, it covers 70.000 square feet and it hosts a hotel, bars, restaurants and so much more. All of this made it a popular destination for people who want to gamble, rest and continue with their journey. Maybe it sounds like a quick destination place, but it is so much more.

When it comes to gambling, all players can enjoy 1.000 slot machines, a VIP room with no limit which is reserved for best and the most eccentric players and also horse race section. You can watch live races on big screens and bet accordingly. These were just a few glimpses of the River Rock Casino.

Other casino games include baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

River Rock Casino poker

River Rock Casino poker

River Rock Casino is world-known for the tournaments they offer all based on poker. There are 14 poker tables and you can experience the ultimate thrill right here. The room allows for you to try and play Limit and no limit Texas Hold’em Poker, seven Card Stud Poker, Omaha and other variations of the game. People from all over the world come here specifically for the tournaments in poker that can last for hours and they are more than just appealing to play and watch.

As you can see, River Rock Casino is above average when it comes to poker. If we add other games, slots and so much more, there is no reason not to come here and enjoy all of what the casino has to offer.

River Rock Casino shows

River Rock Casino also host a local theater where many different shows are performed through a year. In the near future, you can watch a show of Celine Dion, listen to rock and roll performers and even a show dedicated to Elvis.

The theatre at the resort offers a wide range of shows performed by musicians comedians and celebrities. Overall, entertainment is above the average and so much better than you can get in other casinos available in Canada. In addition, River Rock Casino is known for their live gigs which are available each week in a year.

At the official website, you can subscribe in order to get the latest updates and notifications about the performers, shows and etc.

River Rock Casino hotel

River Rock Casino offers accommodation as well. The rooms are modern, equipped with luxury furniture and generally affordable. We were impressed with the view, with the possibilities and also with the restaurants. There are 5 different places where you can eat, enjoy and relax. There is no need to add that the hotel offers spa and indoor pool.

River Rock Casino Resort is also very popular in the autumn with the surroundings mimic the elegance of Great Britain. There you can visit a museum related to Titanic and interesting artifacts from this ship. For ladies, an absolute spa experience will probably more than just appealing and definitely desirable.

River Rock Casino Resort

Address:8811 River Road,Richmond, BC V6X 3P8
Hours: 24 Hours
Telephone:  1.866.748.3718

River Cree Resort and Casino Logo

River Cree Resort and Casino

River Cree Resort is one of the biggest rivals to the Casino Rama and one of the most popular and the biggest casinos in Canada. However, there are a lot of differences players from all over the world can see here. As you can see, this is a resort, meaning that it covers a massive area and it includes a casino and a hotel. There are also membership cards and points all players can collect in order to use them at the gift shops.

Now the games. You will be surprised knowing that there are over 1100 slot machines, some are old and almost vintage. Of course, new and fresh models are present as well. There are 39 table games as well, so you can imagine the full potential of the River Cree Resort.

Don’t forget to take your membership card. It is free and it can be given to anyone. Points are collected as you play games or use any of the features and options available at the casino, hotel or resort in general.

River Cree Resort poker

At River Cree Resort you can enjoy some of the best and the most desirable poker in Canada. This place is also known as poker pit and it is unique for the casino. You can play professional poker on high-stake tables or you can enjoy ordinary tables with a low-stake and without major competition. It is your call.

Poker pit is available 7 days per week, between 11 am and 3 am. Prizes and winnings are massive and buy-ins vary depending on the table you want to play. Don’t forget that all possible variations of poker are available in the pit.

River Cree Resort shows

When we take a look at the entertainment, we can see that it is average. After all, this is one of the biggest casinos in Canada. Many celebrities and famous singers are guests here. For example, soon you can enjoy a show of Liz Mitchell, Neil Osborne, and Paul McCartney. There is no need to add that new events and shows are regularly added so you can always enjoy something.

If you are a sport fan, you can enjoy sport betting and you can watch matches and games live. Events tickets are be purchased at the casino or online, at the official website.

River Cree Resort hotel

River Cree Resort hotel

As we have mentioned at the beginning, this is a casino resort which includes a hotel. You will want to know that the hotel itself has 4.5 stars and it is one of more popular destinations among tourists from all over the world. The hotel is located 20 minutes from the airport and only 5 minutes to West Edmonton.

Guests can experience 24/7 service, indoor pool, and a gym. There is also a support for conferences and business-related requirements. In addition, the hotel looks modern and all the rooms are sophisticated, with plenty of extras included.

River Cree Resort and Casino

Address: 300 East Lapotac Blvd Box 179
Enoch, Alberta T7X 3Y3
Telephone: 780.484.2121
Operating Hours:
Casino hours: Resort opens at 9:30 am and closes at 3:00 am daily
Poker Pit: 11:00 am – 3:00 am
Table Games: 10:00 am – 3:00 am
Slot hours: 10:00 am – 3:00 am

Northlands Park Racetrack & Casino

Northlands Park Racetrack & Casino

Northlands Park Casino is one of smaller casinos in Canada. As a matter of fact, it is one of smaller casinos in Alberta and the one that offers 550 slots only. There are a lot of electronic table games, but real table games are not available, which is the biggest drawback of the casino.

A nice addition this casino offers are promotions and tournaments. They are regularly held at the casino and you can win a huge amount of money. You will have to know that tournaments are based on electronic games.

While table games are not the strong side, horse racing is. The Northlands Park Casino is located near the Alberta A. Circuit a famous horse track, so this place is more than just popular among people who like enjoying this type of races. The casino is also dedicated to this type of gambling, so you can check out various betting options, watch live races and follow the results.

Northlands Park Casino poker

Poker is available in the electronic form only. There are no tables for pokers and as such, you won’t be able to enjoy this game. Anyway, Northlands Park Racetrack & Casino is a popular tourist destination and one of the leaders for horse-related betting. If you like poker specifically, you will be able to experience the entry-level gaming here, but don’t expect too much.

Northlands Park Casino shows

Northlands Park Casino offers a different type of entertainment than you may have encountered till now. First and foremost, shows and all kinds of entertainment are focused on horse racing, which is the main element of the casino. There is a Canadian Derby which is held each year and you can watch live races of famous horses and experience a unique feel of the races.

Restaurants available within the casino are above the average. You can always find anything you like for a meal and restaurants varies between affordable and elegant establishments. An interesting addition is an ability to have a launch while watching horse races.

Other than that, we must add that each guest can rent a suit and held a meeting, a party or a conference at Northlands Park Racetrack & Casino. Of course, the suits are focused on horse racing as well.

Northlands Park Casino hotel

Northlands Park Casino hotel

The casino we are reviewing right here doesn’t have a hotel included. This means you will have to look for accommodations somewhere else. In order to assist you, we found a few hotels that are the closest to the casino and the most popular at the moment.

Days Inn by Wyndham Edmonton Downtown is the best-known and the closest hotel to the casino and it offers comfortable accommodation, free Wi-Fi, nice rooms and elegant surrounding. It is located in downtown of Alberta, so you are just a few minutes away from the train station as well.

Don’t forget about the Comfort Inn & Suites Downtown Edmonton hotel. It is also located near the casino. You can enjoy breakfast, free Wi-Fi and modern rooms. The hotel is well-known across the globe and it is very popular.

Northlands Park Racetrack & Casino

Address: 7410 Borden Park Road NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5B 4W9
Hours: Last Day of Operation: January 31, 2019
Phone: 780.471.7347

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino Logo

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino

According to recent visitors, despite the fact that Grey Eagle Resort & Casino is linked to an 84,000-square-foot casino on the Tsuu T’ina First Nation reservation, the property retains a quiet, relaxing environment. Visitors especially enjoyed the soundproofing of the rooms, built with a neutral color palette and featuring large work desks and free Wi-Fi access. In order to obtain the best view of the nearby Canadian Rockies, recent travelers suggested requesting a space on the upper floor.

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino Poker

Due to COVID-19, the Poker rooms at this casinos are temporarily closed. We will update this and keep you informed as the situation improves.

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino Shows

This resort provides up to 2,500 people (1,400 banquet-style) with event and meeting rooms, as well as unique spaces such as a concert venue and multimillion-dollar sound and lighting equipment.

This Resort-Casino is also famous for its wedding location, thanks to its vast event space close to the Rockies and on-site facilities. Its banquet hall, which can host up to 1,000 seated guests and a dance floor, is the most widely used space for large weddings, although smaller weddings, receptions and gatherings can take advantage of the property’s other meeting rooms and restaurant venues.

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino Hotel

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino Hotel free deluxe breakfast offered every morning is another highlight for lodgers. Grey Eagle also offers two additional restaurants and bars, aside from the buffet. Guests enjoyed the food found in the on-site restaurants and said they found no reason for all the variety to leave the premises. You can borrow the hotel’s mountain bikes and helmets and explore the nearby Glenmore Park trails, which are protected by the resort fee, if you want to get off the ground.

At the hotel’s workout room, you can even work up a sweat or cool off in the indoor pool or outdoor hot tub. Aside from the amenities of the resort, travelers, particularly the front desk workers, were also quick to praise the customer service. Around 7 miles southwest of downtown Calgary, you’ll find this wonderful resort.

You may also find Casino de Montréal interesting.

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino

Address: 3777 Grey Eagle Dr, Calgary, AB T3E 3X8, Canada

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots

For me the idea of ‘jackpot’ has always been associated with slot machines – it’s understandable, as the first time I have ever seen the word ‘jackpot’ in my life was on a classic three-reel machine. It was a mechanical fruit machine, with all the classic symbols – the horseshoe, the lemon, the cherry and the others – painted on its rusty reels. Unfortunately, I was never lucky enough to hit the jackpot on that old rusty thing, but I never stopped trying.

The amount deposited in the old jackpot slots container was rather small back in the day. It was a huge amount for me – I was just a kid, as I mentioned before. In time the slot machines have become connected, and later they moved online, transforming the few bucks in a small plexi container attached to the machine into a small fortune most of the times. Progressive jackpot slots (or pooled jackpot slots) can nowadays reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

Jackpot Slots Game

Online gambling software providers are usually those who operate and maintain progressive jackpot machines. The online casinos like these games, as the promise of a huge winning is always an incentive to gamble, and players also like them – for the chance of winning big, of course. Let’s see which ones are the biggest, most attractive jackpot slots available at online casinos.

Beach Life Jackpot

Beach Life is a 20-payline 5-reel online jackpot slots machine developed by Playtech, one of the best software providers of the iGaming industry. It has – as its name shows – beach-related graphics and offers an average jackpot slot of over €2 million. The greatest progressive jackpot slot payout ever to be won by a player – in February 2012 – was over €6.2 million.

beach life jackpot slot

Mega Moolah

Microgaming was the first company ever to launch an online casino package. Its progressive jackpot slot machine, the Mega Moolah, features five reels and 25 paylines, and has a progressive jackpot of the order of millions. The record winnings ever to be cashed in by Mega Moolah players was €6.37 million. The total amount paid out in Mega Moolah jackpot winnings exceeds €280 million.

Jackpot Pinatas

Jackpot Pinatas is a 5-reel, 20 payline online slot machine with a Mexican theme and some fun features. The highest progressive jackpot slot ever recorded at this slot machine is over $1.7 million. It is a fun game with a promise of great winnings.

There are several other online casino software providers, all with their games and progressive jackpot networks. Be aware, though, that not all online casinos choose to be part of the networks – several of them use software provided by dedicated companies but don’t feature the games with the highest jackpots at all.

Keep checking back on our site for the latest news, casino bonus and great canadian casino reviews.

Online Video Poker

How to win video poker

Learning how to win video poker will being with your initial strategic decision will be made once you decide which cards to hold on to. Locked cards will be replaced with other random-shuffled options. Be wary though that if you choose to either replace a few selections or to leave the hand intact – your decision will be permanent. At least until the end of this round.

How to win at video poker

If a multi-hand format is allowed, you will play for all of the hands at your disposal up-front. Thus a 10-hand machine with a usual rate of 5 credits will hook you up for as much as 50 credits per round. You will be choosing which cards to leave per each hand in a single row of decisions choice after choice. While this is a somewhat consuming and demanding approach – it leaves you prepared for a variety of situations. Be sure to scatter your options. Don’t go for two pairs per each hand and instead strive to earn a variety of combinations. That noted you will have a lot of cards at hand – calculate which ones are left to align the perfect combo.

And that, dear friends, is how you play a video poker casino game!

Best video poker app

We are sorry, but no, there is no such thing as the best video poker app (see our Casino apps page for more details). All of the games are somewhat unique and vary in odds, permitted stakes and the number of possible hands.

There are, however, amazing places to engage with an interesting card match. Here they are:
• Spin Place Casino: the bad boy offers 100% up to $1K
• Dunder has a slightly smaller offer of 100% up to $600.
• Thrills can offer 100% up to $400 per player.
Do you still have any questions? Be sure to contact our team for answers!

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