jackpot slots

Jackpot Slots

For me the idea of ‘jackpot’ has always been associated with slot machines – it’s understandable, as the first time I have ever seen the word ‘jackpot’ in my life was on a classic three-reel machine. It was a mechanical fruit machine, with all the classic symbols – the horseshoe, the lemon, the cherry and the others – painted on its rusty reels. Unfortunately, I was never lucky enough to hit the jackpot on that old rusty thing, but I never stopped trying.

The amount deposited in the old jackpot slots container was rather small back in the day. It was a huge amount for me – I was just a kid, as I mentioned before. In time the slot machines have become connected, and later they moved online, transforming the few bucks in a small plexi container attached to the machine into a small fortune most of the times. Progressive jackpot slots (or pooled jackpot slots) can nowadays reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

Jackpot Slots Game

Online gambling software providers are usually those who operate and maintain progressive jackpot machines. The online casinos like these games, as the promise of a huge winning is always an incentive to gamble, and players also like them – for the chance of winning big, of course. Let’s see which ones are the biggest, most attractive jackpot slots available at online casinos.

Beach Life Jackpot

Beach Life is a 20-payline 5-reel online jackpot slots machine developed by Playtech, one of the best software providers of the iGaming industry. It has – as its name shows – beach-related graphics and offers an average jackpot slot of over €2 million. The greatest progressive jackpot slot payout ever to be won by a player – in February 2012 – was over €6.2 million.

beach life jackpot slot

Mega Moolah

Microgaming was the first company ever to launch an online casino package. Its progressive jackpot slot machine, the Mega Moolah, features five reels and 25 paylines, and has a progressive jackpot of the order of millions. The record winnings ever to be cashed in by Mega Moolah players was €6.37 million. The total amount paid out in Mega Moolah jackpot winnings exceeds €280 million.

Jackpot Pinatas

Jackpot Pinatas is a 5-reel, 20 payline online slot machine with a Mexican theme and some fun features. The highest progressive jackpot slot ever recorded at this slot machine is over $1.7 million. It is a fun game with a promise of great winnings.

There are several other online casino software providers, all with their games and progressive jackpot networks. Be aware, though, that not all online casinos choose to be part of the networks – several of them use software provided by dedicated companies but don’t feature the games with the highest jackpots at all.

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video poker

How to win video poker

Learning how to win video poker will being with your initial strategic decision will be made once you decide which cards to hold on to. Locked cards will be replaced with other random-shuffled options. Be wary though that if you choose to either replace a few selections or to leave the hand intact – your decision will be permanent. At least until the end of this round.

How to win at video poker

If a multi-hand format is allowed, you will play for all of the hands at your disposal up-front. Thus a 10-hand machine with a usual rate of 5 credits will hook you up for as much as 50 credits per round. You will be choosing which cards to leave per each hand in a single row of decisions choice after choice. While this is a somewhat consuming and demanding approach – it leaves you prepared for a variety of situations. Be sure to scatter your options. Don’t go for two pairs per each hand and instead strive to earn a variety of combinations. That noted you will have a lot of cards at hand – calculate which ones are left to align the perfect combo.

And that, dear friends, is how you play a video poker casino game!

Best video poker app

We are sorry, but no, there is no such thing as the best video poker app (see our Casino apps page for more details). All of the games are somewhat unique and vary in odds, permitted stakes and the number of possible hands.

There are, however, amazing places to engage with an interesting card match. Here they are:
• Spin Place Casino: the bad boy offers 100% up to $1K
• Dunder has a slightly smaller offer of 100% up to $600.
• Thrills can offer 100% up to $400 per player.
Do you still have any questions? Be sure to contact our team for answers!

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play baccarat

How to play baccarat

Baccarat how to play

What can one say about the dazzling, aspiring and engaging baccarat gambling? The game is too good to be true. Some find it superior to all-star legends like Poker or Black Jack. The only thing that stands between baccarat online casino games and their domination of the carding world is fame and recognition. The important question is though, how to play baccarat? Looks complicated, does it!

If we are talking about a casino game baccarat is far less known to masses due to several reasons. First and foremost, classy ladies and gentlemen were never to be a part of the pop culture. The game delighted the rich and the fancy while others played around with leftovers in the form of poker.

Unfortunately, it’s the look of an eagle-eyed cowboy at a table in a saloon that was idolised by Hollywood, and, thus, a superior game is fighting for its place under the sun. Online baccarat casino games have opened the doors to a new era of cards though and, all of a sudden, it became as big of a hit among people with taste and manners as it was in the early days. Technology allows us to play baccarat online for money today without even leaving the comfort of our own homes. Great!

How to play baccarat and win

Although commonly offered, those who play baccarat online free do not consider it an option. Rookies though are encouraged to get the feel of the baccarat game in an environment without stakes. You can play in the “casino games online free play” mode at most online casinos. This way a beginner will have his chance to master the art of gameplay, get acquainted with the rules and best-bet strategies.

Speaking of the devil, what are the rules of online baccarat?

Baccarat rules

All in all, it seems like the god of simplicity has come up with the rules for those who want to play baccarat online for fun. A baccarat game online requires two groups of people. The first ones play the game, and the rest can bet on the outcome.

Nine is the magic number. Players are encouraged to get as close to it as possible, and bettors can freely pick their favourite from across the table. Decisions are minimal here as, after a few games, everyone involved gets a firm grip of what goes on at the table. Necessary numeracy skills and an efficient ability of card-counting should do the trick just fine. And that, my friends, is how you play baccarat online for money!

Every online baccarat casino offers a table. Some are tailored with exquisite design and impressive 3-D effects. They, however, are not of the essence. What’s important here is the set of numbers. 14 numbers mark the players. Note that the total is 15, hence 13 is removed for proper luck measures. Then go the boxes. Player and banker ones are pretty self-explanatory. Following tables are the ones where bettors place their chips.

Baccarat rules

Now, that base ground is covered, is it not the perfect time to discuss the ideal baccarat gambling strategy tailored for unlimited wins?

Baccarat has some of the best odds in both online and real casino mechanics as the house is only allowed a 1.4% advantage on banker bets. Do note that the player wins 46.22% of the time. Bankers lose in 45.85% of cases.

All you need to win is to count the cards. One goes for all the Aces, 2s and 3s dealt. Two goes for 4s. Minus one works for 5s, 7s and 8s. Minus two is counted when a nifty six is dealt. 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King go for around zero.

Keep on counting for as long as the game goes from a single shoe. Once you have 16 – the odds are a player will come on top victorious. If you don’t have 16, the banker is your safest bet.


That’s good old baccarat in a nutshell. Do you still have any questions that remain without an answer? If so – do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our team is encouraged to hear your thoughts and opinions. Truth be told – if we’ll get enough feedback from you, we might just come up with an exclusive FAQ!

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casino app

Casino Apps

We live in a time when real money casino apps come in all shapes and sizes. Some must be downloaded and installed on a Windows-backed PC or Mac; others are 100% available online.

Then there are mobile casino apps – they are an entire niche of their own as the differences are too drastic not to notice. The odds are mobile gameplay is the new black for all gambling apps. But is it true? Is a roulette app plaid on an iPhone better in some way than its desktop counterpart?

Now that you think about it try answering the following question – which device do you use for going online more often? Our research states that the odds are you are reading these very words on a mobile screen right now as 57% of our visitors come from handheld mobile devices.The increasing popularity of mobility has pushed developers towards a heavy emphasis on casino apps for Android and iOS.

Slot apps are not even produced without a mobile-friendly version anymore. That noted, we now understand that website owner merely try to cover new ground and expand the reach of their real money casino apps. The real though that puzzles one’s mind is – what’s in it for the player?

Mobile gaming apps VS desktop

You can’t name the best casino app based merely on its platform. A person’s luck is not tied to the tech that’s used, fair odds are regulated by third parties, and overall gameplay mechanics are not that different. So why is the phone casino app superior?

Well, technically, it’s not. Real money gambling apps are not that different. Benefits a particular platform provides, on the other hand, are unique. iOS, Android, Mac and Windows PC all have a series of drastic advantages one over the other. We can only write all of them listed below in little hopes that your next real money casino app choice will be based on solid knowledge and full awareness of the matter at hand.

free casino app
Redbet Casino App

Benefits of mobile online gambling apps

• Fast-paced game mechanics, easy wins;
• Interactive and user-friendly designs;
• Vast availability – test your luck during a long ride on the bus, a walk in the park or wherever else;
• Additional protection layer and app store reviews of what’s under the hood of a real casino app;
• No lengthy downloads, massive installs and obnoxious registration needed – all is done within a few taps on the screen.

Benefits of desktop casino apps

• A wider variety of online casino games;
• Additional levels of security from trusted vendors;
• Better connection;
• More hardware power to back up the game;
• Better graphics and availability of hardcore VR experiences.
Now you know all you need before googling “free casino apps for my phone”. Is your choice still the same?

Real Casino apps – Android app or iOS app?

We came to a rather exciting conclusion – there is no versus mode, nor should there be one. Every platform has its strong sides and advantages. Mobile devices work better when you are outside exploring the world, while desktop versions fit the comfortable “domestic” experience better with a decent high-quality punch of available games.

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Casino Games For Android

Android Casino Games

What do we need to know about free android casino games? And more importantly – why should we care given that luck does not rely on any platform?

While the part about luck is correct, there is no denying the fact that Google tech is massively conquering both the technological and the physical worlds. Android casino games are more available than the ones on desktop computers or even laptops and other portable devices.

With Android apps, real money can flow like a river become a source of additional income in your pocket. That noted, there isn’t an online casino Android does not make better!

Isn’t the time we live at the best time to be alive?

. All of the green-side betting fans can harvest the full might of both web-friendly sites and native applications through something as simple as their phone.

Launching Android Casino Games

• You check out a review about the best solutions available on the market. Feel free to use our site as a background. This step is rather essential as it helps to avoid frauds and scams.
• Free casino slot games for Android are downloaded from the app store later on. There’s no need for installing anything.
• Registration would be the next step valid for both casino apps and websites.
• That’s it – invest a few bucks or use the entry bonus to spin the wheels for the first few times and voila – you are a professional gambler, the king of slot games for Android phones!
Now that you know the “How” it’s time to learn about the “Why”. iOS has dozens of diehard fans, Windows offers more connectivity among devices and yet our choice is the tiny green robot. Why? The answer is rather simple – you can’t carry a Windows PC around (even a laptop is not that convenient), and Apple products are ridiculously overpriced.

You get the same level of engagement, dedication and fast-paced on the go gameplay. Just download free casino games for Android tablets or phones and enjoy the show!

Additionally, the green bot platform is significant. Big! Major players like Samsung, HTC and even Nokia (at last!) are manufacturing phones powered by Google. This means that a no deposit bonus casino for Android is the minimum right now. Competition skyrockets, new solutions are developed on a daily basis and, shortly, companies will have to engage in bloody battles with discounts, and loyalty awards o attract new and keep old players intact.

Best Casinos Offering Android Casino Games

• The Spin Palace Casino. This is the all times favourite of mobile betting because of simple registration, impeccable client support services and broad availability of mobile games.
• Ruby fortune. Ruby is traditionally known for impressive entry bonuses. Their free spins are just off the charts!
• Jackpot City. All in all, we are facing a younger, yet prominent platform – the dark horse in the niche. Interestingly enough thousands of fans are already building an active community around Jackpot City.
• The Betway Casino. The jack of all trades in our list, the Betway offers exclusive delivery of services in all directions from simple mobile accessibility to game variety and customer support. Even better they have no deposit bonuses

Android Casino Games conclusion

We have discussed why the platform is superior to any other on the market. To sum things up, we have:
o A colossal fan base of loyal users;
o A friendly app store;
o Solid design and security;
o Competition in the niche that enhances User Experience to the limits!
All in all, if you have any remaining questions on the matter – feel free to contact our team ASAP. We will love to share more of our experience with you guys.

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Free Online Casino Games

Free Online Casino Games

Free Online Casino Games at historyofcanada

Do you want to free online casino games, because you do not believe that you can win casino online? Do not want to risk your money today? You’re on the right online casino site since we observe free games and free gambling establishments for Canadians who want to practice their favourite casino games before making bets.

Do you have a free minute to try your hand at online casino slots? You can fill in a casino account to play casino online games from your favourite establishment. You have the opportunity to test your luck playing free casino games for fun for the virtual money, bonuses and other promotions before real cash bets. On our list, you will find the best online gambling sites in Canada, where you can do it free. Our guide provides an opportunity to play for free at most popular machines and card games.

Why free online casino games review from historyofcanada?

Best casino games to win money are somewhat popular. But free clubs are needful for practice. That is why we review them with the same enthusiasm. Casino free games like slots are offered at top clubs 24 hours a day, providing the players from around the world and Canada its services in the field of gambling. We review them and make an independent verdict which is regularly revised and updated according to the user’s criteria. You will have the opportunity to play free games at any online casino free you recognise from the list safe and completely legal. There are a lot of hot featured games, new casinos with live dealers and tournaments and many others. Also, we observe free casino games download presented at the famous clubs powered by the leading software providers.

How we evaluate and rate free online casino games?

There are many free online casino games, you should use the best of them. We take care of that. What is important is that to access the free game you do not need to go through the lengthy registration procedure. You enter the best game to play at the casino and start gambling. We pick those sites that allow access the free game without the registration procedure. A casino that allows you to play slot machines without registration is on the list. You need to open a page with a list of casino games play online and start the game you like which is already checked and proven. We also take into consideration specific necessary criteria.

rate free casino game
historyofcanada will review and rate the best games and casino bonuses


In our guide, we will be able to test everything: best casino game to play that we have presented, free video casino games, features, software, banking and support. The list of available games will continuously be revised, so we follow all the news in the gambling industry and quickly respond to all the new tendencies.

Game quality

Of course, some users think that free means poor quality. In fact, leading casino owners and the software manufacturers provide the top games for Canada with both free and real money modes with the same quality and support. Our experts test it to the fullest and carter those clubs who do it the best ways.