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River Rock Casino Resort

The River Rock Casino Resort is close to Vancouver National Airport, it covers 70.000 square feet and it hosts a hotel, bars, restaurants and so much more. All of this made it a popular destination for people who want to gamble, rest and continue with their journey. Maybe it sounds like a quick destination place, but it is so much more.

When it comes to gambling, all players can enjoy 1.000 slot machines, a VIP room with no limit which is reserved for best and the most eccentric players and also horse race section. You can watch live races on big screens and bet accordingly. These were just a few glimpses of the River Rock Casino.

Other casino games include baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

River Rock Casino poker

River Rock Casino poker

River Rock Casino is world-known for the tournaments they offer all based on poker. There are 14 poker tables and you can experience the ultimate thrill right here. The room allows for you to try and play Limit and no limit Texas Hold’em Poker, seven Card Stud Poker, Omaha and other variations of the game. People from all over the world come here specifically for the tournaments in poker that can last for hours and they are more than just appealing to play and watch.

As you can see, River Rock Casino is above average when it comes to poker. If we add other games, slots and so much more, there is no reason not to come here and enjoy all of what the casino has to offer.

River Rock Casino shows

River Rock Casino also host a local theater where many different shows are performed through a year. In the near future, you can watch a show of Celine Dion, listen to rock and roll performers and even a show dedicated to Elvis.

The theatre at the resort offers a wide range of shows performed by musicians comedians and celebrities. Overall, entertainment is above the average and so much better than you can get in other casinos available in Canada. In addition, River Rock Casino is known for their live gigs which are available each week in a year.

At the official website, you can subscribe in order to get the latest updates and notifications about the performers, shows and etc.

River Rock Casino hotel

River Rock Casino offers accommodation as well. The rooms are modern, equipped with luxury furniture and generally affordable. We were impressed with the view, with the possibilities and also with the restaurants. There are 5 different places where you can eat, enjoy and relax. There is no need to add that the hotel offers spa and indoor pool.

River Rock Casino Resort is also very popular in the autumn with the surroundings mimic the elegance of Great Britain. There you can visit a museum related to Titanic and interesting artifacts from this ship. For ladies, an absolute spa experience will probably more than just appealing and definitely desirable.

River Rock Casino Resort

Address:8811 River Road,Richmond, BC V6X 3P8
Hours: 24 Hours
Telephone:  1.866.748.3718
Email: info@riverrock.com
Website: https://riverrock.com

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